New projects

It's been several months since I last updated this website. Stuck with my studies, I prefered going paddling than doing updates when I had time. The good thing is that my studies are now over, and I can finally dedicate myself to kayaking and everything related to this passion : filming, video editing, writing, updating my website...

I will soon launch a new website ( that I will update much more frequently than this one. On the video side, I can't tell yet what my future projects will be. In the coming months, I'll work with Salomon on the next "Adrenalin Hunters" DVD, where my creeking footage from Italy will be featured. There will also be a segment about my last trip to Canada with my brother Sylvain, where we shot some amazing wave action footage. In the continuation of "Frogs", maybe I'll release a new video from the "SuperLiquid" clip shown on various events in France.

To keep you entertained before the release of, here are a few stills from my video footage :